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Community Outreach, Engagement & Education

Community support is critical to the success of sustainability goals, and our team has experience creating comprehensive campaigns designed to build awareness and change behaviors. Our service includes:

Community Energy Outreach, Engagement & Education Programs

Clean Energy Coalition can help inform and engage residents, businesses, and government staff. During the initial planning stage, we host public meetings to give community members a chance to provide feedback and help influence the process. Once a program is in place, we develop outreach and education materials (such as fliers, websites, and videos) that encourage behavior changes, host trainings and events to educate the public, and create public relations campaigns to get the word out through local media. We also develop training programs for municipal staff on how to best maintain their facility and reduce energy usage.

For examples of our community engagement work, see a2energy.org and detroitrecycles.com.


View additional videos on Detroit Recycles’ YouTube channel.