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Financing Solutions

Clean Energy Coalition understands that financing plays an integral role in every municipal program. That’s why we combine experience and expertise to help manage and execute every step of the project life cycle, from beginning to end. Our services include:

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE loans have payments that are structured to cost less than the project’s estimated energy savings. This is possible because of attractive interest rates and a long repayment period, making PACE loans cash flow neutral.

In partnership with the City of Ann Arbor, Clean Energy Coalition is implementing Michigan’s first commercial PACE program, which allows property owners to finance energy-related upgrades through a local property assessment. Our staff offers complete program administration beginning with policy development and continuing through marketing, application technical support and review, and funds disbursement. Our niche is helping local governments leverage PACE for economic development, property improvement, and energy efficiency, while maintaining low interest rates and administrative costs.

Revolving Energy Fund

Our staff works with local governments to establish a revolving energy fund to support their ongoing and future clean energy programs. An initial energy saving investment is used to launch the revolving fund. Local governments invest the money in energy efficient and renewable energy projects in their municipal facilities, and then recapitalize the fund with money saved by reduced energy use.

As the fund grows over time, it can be used to finance additional energy projects, which, in turn, funnel additional energy savings back into the fund. In addition to helping establish the fund, Clean Energy Coalition’s team evaluates and prioritizes potential projects for the best return and long-term energy fund performance.