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Comprehensive, clear policies are critical to achieving environmental and sustainability goals, and Clean Energy Coalition can help create and enact a wide range of policies. Our services include:

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

In partnership with the City of Ann Arbor, Clean Energy Coalition is implementing Michigan’s first commercial PACE program, which allows property owners to finance energy-related upgrades through a local property assessment. Our staff offers complete program administration beginning with policy development and continuing through marketing, application technical support and review, and funds disbursement. Our niche is helping local governments leverage PACE for economic development, property improvement, and energy efficiency, while maintaining low interest rates and administrative costs.

Green Purchasing

Clean Energy Coalition staff writes green purchasing policies to support municipalities’ sustainability efforts and establish criteria encouraging environmentally responsible purchases, ranging from everyday items like cleaning supplies to more substantial investments such as ENERGY STAR appliances and fleet vehicles. We provide thorough, long-term life cycle analysis and outline healthier, more sustainable purchasing options. (View an example of our green purchasing work in this report developed for Oakland County.)

Solid Waste Policy

Solid waste can become a potential resource when handled responsibly; a solid waste management plan can also be a tool for municipalities to reduce energy use. Clean Energy Coalition can help local government leaders gain a better understanding of solid waste systems and opportunities for improvement. We create zero-waste policies and plans, establish goals for reducing solid waste and increasing recycling, and develop a strategy to help communities divert solid waste from landfills.

Other Support

In addition to the services outlined above, our team provides general environmental support, including planning and implementing policies and gaining consensus with municipal governments. Clean Energy Coalition is in a unique position to step in and deliver results; our staff members have experience working within local governments, and as a non-partisan, nonprofit organization, we’re able to bring local officials together to advance environmental projects and goals.