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Sustainability Planning

Clean Energy Coalition’s Communities team helps local governments define and meet goals for reducing their impact on the environment and building a sustainable future. Our services include:

Climate Action Plans

Clean Energy Coalition develops short- and long-term plans to help local governments address climate change by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Our role is flexible — we can lead and manage the entire process or serve as expert consultants to city staff in developing a plan and engaging community members.

At the end of the process, the municipality will receive a finalized plan and will not only have a firm understanding of how to go about addressing climate change within their jurisdiction, but will also have identified which measures will have the most impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Through a detailed, analytic process, our staff gathers data and assesses what’s contributing to a community’s greenhouse gas emissions. For a municipality looking to set sustainability goals or create a climate action plan, a greenhouse gas inventory is the ideal starting point because it provides a baseline that can be used to evaluate the success of future efforts.

Sustainability Programs

Our staff helps municipalities develop sustainability programs that address a wide range of environmental issues, including land use, solid waste, and natural resource management. As with any initiative, successful implementation relies on a thoughtful, achievable plan, and Clean Energy Coalition has a solid track record of developing programs that address communities’ needs and focus on the highest priorities.

Energy Program Design and Implementation

Clean Energy Coalition builds and launches energy programs that support municipalities’ plans to reduce energy use. Based on our clients’ priorities, we create plans that identify goals and the tactics needed to make them a reality.

For an example of our energy program design work, see a2energy.org.

Community Energy Manager

Our team serves as municipal energy managers for communities wishing to take the first step in being more environmentally sustainable. We work to identify efficiency, renewable energy, and funding opportunities. We also assist in resolving utility billing issues; implementing programs, projects, and pilots; and tracking the impact of sustainability efforts. We customize our role based on client needs. Our team can be on-site or work remotely; we can act as an energy manager or support existing staff.

Clean Energy Coalition also provides support to sustainability offices, assisting with gathering data, identifying problems, and implementing solutions. We draw on our organization’s experience working on building efficiency, fleet solutions, green purchasing, solid waste management, and recycling to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Municipal Fleet Services

Drawing on Clean Energy Coalition’s extensive expertise managing transportation projects, our staff identifies opportunities for municipal vehicles to reduce petroleum consumption through alternative fuels and technologies. For details, see the Fuel Forward page.