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Best Practices

Learn from others that are already enjoying the benefits of utilizing alternative fuels in their fleets. Read case studies from across the country. Find examples of fleet policies and policy guidance.

Ready to move to alternative fuels? Review some examples of requests for proposals (RFPs) for alternative fuels and alternative fuel technology.

CNG Vehicle

Case Studies


Partnerships Spark Biodiesel Success for Essential Baking Company
Converting to Biodiesel: A Green Case Study
City of Pittsburgh [PDF]


City of Hoover Fleet Boasts 200-Plus Flex Fuel Vehicles
County Fleet Goes Big on Idle Reduction, Ethanol Use, Fuel Efficiency

Electric Vehicles

Utah Paperbox Adds Workplace Charging to Boost Sustainability
Rolling Down the Arizona EV Highway
Houston: Forward Thinking on Electrification
City of Loveland: Marrying Functionality and Economics [PDF]


Hydraulic Hybrids: A Success in Ann Arbor
Hybrid Electric Horsepower for Kentucky Schools
Hydraulic Hybrid Pressed into Service in Refuse Collection
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Brings Hybrids to New Orleans

Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas Refuse Fleets
DeKalb County Turns Trash to Gas
Smith Dairy Deploys Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure in the Midwest
Liquefied Natural Gas Allows for Cleaner Refuse Collection in Sacramento
Republic Services Reduces Waste with 87 CNG Vehicles
CNG Powers Law Enforcement in Arkansas


Michigan School Buses Get Rolling on Propane
Propane Mowers Help National Park Cut Emissions
Maine Fleets Make Progress with Propane
Airport Shuttles Run on Propane
Propane School Buses Launched in Gloucester County Schools

Multiple Fuels

Diversity of Fuels Supports Sustainability in Fort Collins

Driver Behavior

Staples Delivers on Fuel Efficiency
Incentivizing Drivers to Conserve Fuel


Idle Reduction Programs at Tennessee Schools
The Heat Is on in St. Louis Buses
Poland Spring Reduces Idling to Curb Emissions [PDF]

Fleet Policies 

Green Fleets

City of Ann Arbor, Green Fleets Policy – 2004 [PDF]
City of Minneapolis, Green Fleet Policy – 2010 [PDF]
City of Sacramento, Fleet Division Business Plan – 2011 [PDF]
City of Seattle, A Clean and Green Fleet – Action Plan – 2007 [PDF]
City of Toronto, Green Fleet Plan – 2008 [PDF]
City of Ypsilanti, Alternative Fuel Policy – 2010 [PDF] 

Procurement (General and Vehicle)

City of Portland, Sustainable Procurement Policy Update – 2010 [PDF]

Related Fleet Policies

City of Farmington Hills, Anti-Idling Policy – 2012 [PDF]
City of Farmington Hills, Fleet Assignment Policy – 2001 [PDF]
City of Manistee, Motor Pool Policy – 2011 [PDF]
City of Portland, Motor Pool FAQ – 2012 [PDF]

Policy Guidance Documents

Creating Green Fleets Policies

Efficient Fleets- Adopting a Comprehensive Fleet Policy for Cost Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency, and Fuel Diversity [PDF]
FleetCarma – How To Responsibly Green Your Fleet – 2011 [PDF]
Green Your Fleet- How to Adopt a Comprehensive Green Fleet Policy [PDF]
Harris School of Public Policy – EcoDrive Chicago – 2012 [PDF]
Specifying Alternative Fuel Vehicles – 2012 [PDF]
US EPA – Transportation Control Measures – 2011 [PDF]

Procurement (General and Vehicle)

Local Government Green Procurement Guide – 2010 [PDF]
UNEP Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for Vehicles – Background Report – 2008 [PDF]
UNEP Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for Vehicles – Criteria – 2008 [PDF]
University of Amsterdam – Procurement Design – 2008 [PDF]
Vehicle Procurement – assistance from RTAP – 2001 [PDF] 


City of Grand Rapids, Sustainability Plan – 2011 [PDF]
Giving the Green Light: Policy Ideas for a Model Environmentally Sustainable Council [PDF]

Alternative Fuel RFPs

General Alternative Fuels

Chicago – Alt Fuel Stations [PDF]
New Hampshire – Alt Fuel/AFV [PDF]


Delaware – Biodiesel [PDF]
New Jersey – Biofuel Stations [PDF]

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Chicago, IL – EVSE [PDF]
Monterey Bay, CA – EVSE [PDF]

Natural Gas

Atlanta Gas Light – CNG Stations [PDF]
City of Riverview, MI – CNG Conversion [PDF] 


City of Auburn Hills – LPG Conversions [PDF]
City of Coweta – LPG [PDF]
City of Roswell, GA – LPG Stations & Conversions [PDF]