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Tools for Fleet Managers

Ready to take action to green your fleet? Find some helpful tools below to get started, including calculators, laws and incentives, and templates for procuring alternative fuel vehicles and setting green fleet policies.


The Alternative Fuels Data Center and Argonne National Laboratory have great resources for fleet managers to calculate their fleet’s footprint, come up with a plan to reduce it, and compare the cost of ownership of most vehicles.

Idling Cost Calculator

Calculate your potential savings from reducing the amount of time you idle.

Light Duty Vehicles [PDF]
Light Duty Vehicles [.XLS]
Heavy Duty Vehicles [PDF]
Heavy Duty Vehicles [.XLS]

Vehicle Cost Calculator

Compare cost of ownership and emissions for most vehicle models.

Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool

Create a plan for your fleet to reduce petroleum consumption and emissions.


Calculate a fleet’s petroleum use, cost of ownership, and air pollutant and GHG emissions.

Laws and Incentives

The Alternative Fuels Data Center maintains a comprehensive list of laws and incentives related to alternative fuels and vehicles, air quality, fuel efficiency, and other transportation-related topics.

Contact your local Clean Cities Coalition for the most up-to-date information on available incentives for alternative fuel vehicles in your area.


The following documents help lay the groundwork for issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) or gaining municipal approval for a green fleet policy. Fleet managers will want to customize the details and requirements to suit their needs.

These files are available in .DOC format and are available for download.

Alternative Fuel RFPs

Propane Conversion and Station [.DOC]
EV Station [.DOC]
Biodiesel Supply [.DOC]
CNG Conversion [.DOC]
CNG Station [.DOC]

Fleet Policies

Green Fleet Policy Ordinance Template [.DOC]
Green Fleet Policy Implementation Template [.DOC]
Fleet Anti-idling Policy Template [.DOC]

Need More Assistance?

Clean Energy Coalition can create a customized analysis that identifies the most feasible strategies to meet your fleet’s unique objectives and identifies the right vehicles and fuels to implement across your fleet, as well as potential funding opportunities. This service is known as Fuel Forward. For more information, contact the Fuel Forward team.