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Project Design & Implementation

We understand that grant financing plays an integral role in capacity building. That’s why we combine experience and expertise to help manage and execute every step of the project life cycle, from aligning stakeholders, conducting grant research, and planning a program, to project launch and implementation.

This dynamic approach is built on a solid foundation of grant writing success and fiscal responsibility. Beyond writing narratives and simple accounting, we are intimately familiar with the minute details that will make your project successful.

We help high-level corporate and public policy goals bridge into true grassroots action by building public-private partnerships and effectively managing all facets of program design and delivery, including:

  • Project management
  • Measuring return on investment
  • Monitoring and evaluating energy savings
  • Developing project road maps
  • Administering budgets
  • Progress tracking and reporting

Plus, we can also help you take full advantage of tax incentives, loans, and grant monies to help fund energy efficiency programs and significantly shorten your return on investment time.