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Wright & Filippis Fleet Converts to Propane

Through the Michigan Green Fleets project, Clean Energy Mobility is working with Wright & Filippis to overhaul 25 percent of the company’s Michigan-based fleet to run on clean propane autogas. The program converted Ford vehicles using technology created by ROUSH CleanTech, a Michigan company.

Together, the two companies and Clean Energy Mobility have converged to create local jobs demonstrating the true spirit of the Recovery Act, which is funding the conversion. Plus, Wright & Filippis has improved the environment by deploying vehicles that run on clean, domestic-based fuel: A win-win for Michigan!

Consider the positive implications:

  • 48,000 fewer gallons of gasoline burned by switching to propane fuel
  • 931,200 pounds of carbon dioxide eliminated from Wright & Filippis’ carbon footprint each year
  • $3,000 per vehicle, per year operations savings equaling $36,000 total for 12 propane vehicles