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Dawn Farm

With locations throughout Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dawn Farm assists addicts and alcoholics to achieve long-term recovery through residential, outpatient and detoxification programs. From its original roots as a farm, the organization has always kept a focus on being “earth-friendly.” Improving energy efficiency in buildings is one way to keep the earth-friendly promise, striving to meet a HERS rated score of 85, making dwellings 15% more efficient than standard code (according to energy use modeling). Dawn Farm also began the Green Farm Project to become the greenest treatment center in the world. In effort to support its goals, Dawn Farm retained Clean Energy Coalition to provide energy audits and sustainability consulting services.

Clean Energy Coalition began by performing energy audits on a 2,973 square foot building on North Main and a 3,964 square foot facility on Packard — both in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dawn Farm wanted specific measures included in the audit such as rainwater harvesting, lowest lifecycle cost and methods for occupants to become engaged in saving energy. The energy audits identified improvements that should be done immediately with the shortest payback period, improvements that should be done in the near future, and improvements that should be done as part of other facility upgrades. The energy models indicated that after all improvements are completed, energy costs for the two buildings will be reduced by at least 25%.

If you are interested in lowering your utility costs, reducing carbon emissions and achieving sustainability goals, contact us to see if funding might be available for your project.