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St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Clean Energy Coalition performed a Level 2 Energy Audit for St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Royal Oak, Michigan. St. Mary’s wanted to reduce its overall energy consumption and energy costs for the 5,600 square-foot rectory and 13,391 square-foot sanctuary buildings. The stone buildings, constructed in 1953, feature numerous single-paned stained glass windows, an aging boiler system that was nearing the end of its service life, and boiler loops that were cemented into the floor and were leaking and failing. In addition to these areas of concern, the Church wanted to review the issues and costs to add air-conditioning to the system.

Clean Energy Coalition reviewed the building envelope, HVAC systems and the energy consumption/conservation behaviors of the people that occupied the building. The structure had several areas for improvement including, nominal insulation, single pane windows, manual controls, outdated lighting systems and air leakage from entryways. The energy modeling determined that completing upgrades such as new lighting, more insulation and weatherization could reduce the size of the heating system by 75%. A modernized ductless heat pump system was an affordable option that would provide adequate heat and add air-conditioning to the building. The total payback for the $114,000 improvement plan is estimated to be 9.1 years.