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XSeed Energy

More than 97% of Ann Arbor’s energy comes from non-renewable sources. XSeed Energy is dedicated to changing this by taking responsibility for the city’s energy future and working to create local renewable sources of energy. Using funds from community donations and grants, XSeed Energy is a grassroots initiative in which residents, businesses, and others work together to develop highly visible renewable energy projects. Proceeds from financial incentives and donations are recycled back into an “energy bank” to fund ongoing renewable energy installations throughout Ann Arbor. The project’s goal was to seed community power projects. On a broader scale, XSeed Energy is leveraging Ann Arbor’s national prominence to showcase how a city can, and should, replace fossil fuel use with locally generated sustainable energy sources.


We’re thrilled to announce our first solar panel installation at Ann Arbor’s historic Michigan Theater, selected because of its prominent location and the potential for residents to see the system at street level. The panels, mounted on an innovative solar awning frame, take advantage of the theater’s southern wall, excellent solar access and minimal shading. Because the theater is a beloved historic building located in the heart of Ann Arbor, it is the perfect first XSeed Energy project for educating the community about the value and accessibility of solar panels. Keep in mind, too, that community members fund every XSeed Energy installation. So if you are interested in contributing to an investment in the future viability of Ann Arbor and the surrounding area, contact Clean Energy Coalition or visit this link to make a simple and secure online donation.



Project Partners
GoogleBank of Ann Arbor   First Martin  City of Ann ArborDepartment of Energy