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Commercial Energy Assessments

If your goal is to reduce energy expenditures while fostering responsible energy use, Clean Energy Coalition can help. Using a variety of measurement and analytical tools, we identify practical, cost-effective opportunities to reduce energy expenditures.

Benefits of a commercial energy assessment:

  • Cost Savings: Assessments have resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption – sometimes as much as 40% – and dramatic savings in operating expenses. We can advise on recommendations for identified options based on return on investment and the availability of incentives and rebates.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Boosting energy efficiency not only helps your bottom line, it’s good for the environment. Energy assessments are important starting points for corporate sustainability initiatives – they outline ways companies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a roadmap for future improvements.
  • Unbiased, Expert Opinion: With Clean Energy Coalition, building owners can feel confident that there’s no sales pitch – we have only your best interests in mind. As a nonprofit organization, we provide accurate, unbiased information and recommendations.
  • Personal Attention and Customized Report: Clean Energy Coalition recognizes that each client is unique, and we work closely with our clients to develop solid, actionable plans that fit their immediate needs and future goals. We stay in close contact and are available to answer questions as energy efficiency projects are planned and completed.

Our services include:


Known as “energy intensity,” this preliminary analysis tool generates an overall building efficiency rating (like “miles per gallon”) and compares it to similar structures (expressed in Btu/square foot per year). We use the rating to determine the potential for energy savings and use data from similar buildings in surrounding areas to determine energy efficiency potential.

Walk-Through Energy Assessment and Analysis

A walk-through energy assessment is a cost-effective way of identifying and evaluating building energy use. Clean Energy Coalition’s energy assessment team will tour your facility, evaluate equipment and behavioral patterns, and develop a full report with energy and water conservation recommendations.

Solar Sites Assessment

Clean Energy Coalition provides expert solar consultation services for residential buildings. Our specialists and engineers identify proper installation location, system size and expected system energy production.

Before you begin your solar installation, whether new construction or retrofit, we recommend completing a solar site assessment to avoid costly design decisions that make harvesting solar energy difficult or impossible.

Our written report includes:

  • Shade analysis
  • Fraction of solar energy available for collection
  • Expected kWh production
  • Optimal array location
  • Financial analysis

Considering a future solar energy system? Call Clean Energy Coalition first. We will help plan the installation, leverage available incentives and recommend how to make your project as renewable ready as possible.

Financing & Incentives

Michigan Saves
A non-profit dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable, Michigan Saves provides access to low-interest rate financing to business owners (and homeowners as well). To get started, contact a Michigan Saves authorized contractor to get an estimate on qualifying energy improvements and complete an application with the contractor’s help.

Pollution Prevention Loans
This business-centered program provides loans up to $400,000, at an interest rate of five percent or less, to existing independently owned businesses with 500 or fewer full-time employees. Qualifying projects include those that eliminate or reduce waste at the business location (source reduction), result in environmentally sound reuse and recycling for the loan applicant’s generated wastes, conserve energy or water on-site or are a qualified agricultural energy production system.

SBA 504 Loan Program
This program provides healthy small and medium-sized businesses with long-term, fixed-rate financing for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets. Projects are financed through a unique public/private partnership that involves private lenders financing 50 percent of project costs, the Michigan Certified Development Corporation covering up to 40 percent of project costs, and small businesses investing a minimum of 10 percent of project costs.

This commercial building tax deduction is for expenses incurred for energy efficient building expenditures made by a building owner. The deduction is limited to $1.80 per square foot of property, with allowances for partial deductions for improvements in interior lighting, HVAC and hot water systems, and building envelope systems.

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
DSIRE is a comprehensive source of information for state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Ann Arbor PACE
Lean & Green PACE
PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) has been enable in Michigan, allowing property own​​ers to save energy using a special property assessment. This financing has several potential benefits to commercial property owners over traditional loan products. Traditional financing programs are typically limited by short repayment periods, high or variable interest rates, stringent credit requirements that do not account for savings from improved energy efficiency, lack of equity and limited availability.​

a2energy Loan Fund for Rental Housing
The a2energy Loan Fund for Rental Housing offers eligible rental properties in Washtenaw County access to low-interest financing for energy efficiency retrofits, such as insulation, air sealing, HVAC upgrades, and select ENERGY STAR products.

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