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Strategic Advisory Board

As a leader, you’re driven to accelerate your company’s success, you’re aware of the importance of being resourceful and innovative, and you know you cannot do it all alone. Imagine how much more you could achieve if you had access to a sounding board of trusted experts.

Common Community Partner Challenges

Are you at a loss to understand how upcoming government policy will affect your business? Do you need better business connections and the ability to reach key decision-makers? Are you looking to navigate unexplored business opportunities? Are you losing market share? Do you need to reach out to a network of experts who can share valuable information and save your business from costly mistakes? Do you need to add some new tools to your toolkit in today’s rapidly changing clean tech sector?

Why Join the Board?

The purpose of the Strategic Advisory Board is to harness the collective wisdom of the members through facilitated meetings.

The Strategic Advisory Board: 

  • Is open to corporate executives and community leaders who contribute $5,000+ annually.
  • Is comprised of companies and organizations that maintain clear strategic synergy with Clean Energy Coalition’s mission.
  • Facilitates ongoing dialogue and discussion between Clean Energy Coalition and its partners on key issues affecting the community that Clean Energy Coalition and its participating partners can help address.
  • Identifies and prioritizes key community issues, projects, and organizations that Clean Energy Coalition will engage for the mutual benefit of the community and Clean Energy Coalition.
  • Counsels Clean Energy Coalition on programming and strategic planning.
  • Provides opportunities for involvement and leadership roles in programs and events.
  • Offers corporate and individual recognition in printed materials and at events.
  • Is led by an expert facilitator in clean tech sector business development.
  • Appoints task committees as appropriate to carry out the work and activities of the advisory board.

Clean Energy Coalition’s Board of Directors has final approval on the advisory board’s membership composition and authority. 


The Strategic Advisory Board consists of executives from


CEC Curve