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Top 5 Benefits of Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

December 7, 2015


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Whether you were already considering or merely contemplating the purchase of an EV charger, we understand the process can be a little overwhelming. To streamline your decision-making, we’ve put together a list of the top five benefits you can gain from installing a Level 2 EV charger in your parking lot.

1. Attract new business

 Whether it’s a family on a road trip whose battery is running low (and who themselves need refueling), or a local resident on her way home from work, put your business on the map by offering an EV charging station outside your business. Since they are not currently widely available, this will help your business to stand out, especially if you offer this service free of charge. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But electricity is expensive?!” It’s actually cheaper than you think, and will likely pay for itself in no time through new customers, larger bills and/or more repeat visits. To ensure your business is easy to find, create a profile for your stations on PlugShare, the most widely-used EV charging station locator. Bonus: Users can leave feedback on your stations through the app, so you can make sure you are meeting their needs and address any concerns users might have.

2. Increase customer spend

A study performed by Experian Automotive in 2013 showed that electric car buyers are both ‘younger and wealthier’ than most car buyers. Additionally, a J.D. Power and Associates survey of 7,600 EV owners found that 43% charge their vehicles away from home. These are very valuable consumers for your business who have money to spend, and are generally early adopters in many categories. Make YOUR business their preferred destination to relax, refuel and recharge.

Desirable demographic: EV drivers have a 50% higher income than the average American

 3. Increase customers’ length of visit

Because electric vehicles usually take at least an hour to charge, customers are more likely to stick around for that extra coffee or dessert. ChargePoint, an EV charging infrastructure company which collects data from its users, stated that installing EV charging stations increases consumers’ “dwell-time”. One of its users even stated an average of 50-minute longer stays after the installation of its charging stations. Make it easier for them to say “yes” by giving them an excuse to fall back on.

EV Drivers are better customers and seek out retailers with charging stations and frequent them more often than regular customers

Source: Fast Company

4. Increase customer loyalty

Offering customers another reason to choose your business over a competitor’s is never a bad thing. Why not give them another great reason to patronize your business by installing a charging station? Customers are more likely to visit and return to your business if (all else equal) they know they can charge their EV while they visit.

5. Show off your green side

 In a study conducted by Deloitte’s Center for Energy Solutions, participants mentioned that goodwill among customers and positive brand associations were motivating factors in installing EV charging stations. Additionally, doing so often fell in line with their values as a company and helped them to meet their sustainability goals for the year.

Bonus: Your employees will also benefit from having the option to charge their electric vehicles at work, which makes you a more attractive and competitive employer. Additionally, you may be helping reduce their commute time, as many areas allow electric vehicles to use the carpool/HOV lane.



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