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Clean Energy Coalition is your connection to the information and resources that will guide you on you journey to meet your sustainable transportation goals.

We are helping Michigan fleets set the pace for adopting sustainable transportation options through the administration of numerous federal and state programs focused on deploying cleaner vehicles, building alternative fueling infrastructure, and reducing petroleum consumption and harmful vehicle emissions.

Because of the scope of the mobility challenge, the impact of even small-scale programs can have a positive impact on reducing petroleum consumption and emissions. To that end, we are focused on minimizing the investment required to deploy new technologies, increasing the return on transportation projects and accelerating the build-out of infrastructure.

Clean Energy Coalition puts you on the road to using clean fuels and cutting edge transportation technologies as a way to reduce your dependence on petroleum consumption. This is more important than ever as transportation today accounts for 95% of global oil consumption and nearly 30% of world energy use. The convergence of rising oil prices, technological innovation, government incentives, consumer awareness, and corporate fleet sustainability planning creates new opportunities to embrace clean transportation solutions.

Clean Energy Mobility assists transportation fleets by providing a variety of fuel reducing services, including:

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