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Ann Arbor is getting a new bike share system! Stations will be located at key destinations throughout downtown Ann Arbor and across the University of Michigan. This network of 14 stations will allow you the freedom and fun of accessing downtown and campus quickly while leaving your own bike at home. You can run errands without fighting for parking spots or wondering if you’ll have enough time to make that long walk across town. You can visit the Farmer’s Market, make a quick trip to the post office, or visit the Museum of Art on your lunch break, all while adding fun and exercise to your day. Plus, your bike share membership keeps track of your progress: miles you travel, calories you burn, and greenhouse gases you keep out of the air.

Bike share is anticipated to launch in summer 2014. Stay tuned until then by emailing bikeshare@cec-mi.org to join the mailing list.

In the News
April 1, 2014
Download our Sponsorship Information Packet to view sponsorship opportunities on stations & bikes, membership packages for employers, and the proposed set of station locations.

March 17, 2014
The Ann Arbor District Library Board voted to approve ArborBike’s proposed station at the downtown branch. Planned for the north side of the library building, this location is the first confirmed site of an ArborBike station.

February 4, 2014
Introducing “ArborBike!” Of the 200+ submissions received for the program name, the selection committee settled on ArborBike. Jill Stanevich of Ann Arbor won the random drawing for a free annual membership. Thanks to all for your creative ideas!

November 15, 2013
Voting is closed for the bike share program name. Thanks to all those who participated! One entry will be randomly selected for a free 1-year membership, and a committee will soon choose one of the ideas for the program name.

August 9, 2013
View or download the August 9th press release from Clean Energy Coalition announcing a bike share program for Ann Arbor.

How does it work?
1. Sign up
You can sign up online for a membership for 24 hours, 7 days, or a year. You can also purchase a 24-hour membership at station kiosks. Annual members will receive a membership card in the mail shortly after joining.

2. Check out a bike
Select any available bike by swiping your membership card or credit card at a station. Detailed instructions on the kiosks clearly describe the checkout process.

3. Ride!
Take your bike to lunch, to class, on errands, or for fun. The first 30 minutes of any checkout are free. After that, usage fees will apply every 30 additional minutes. While your membership is active, you can take unlimited 30-minute rides for free!

4. Return the bike
When you reach the station nearest to your destination, guide the bike into the dock and wait for the green light to show that it’s secure. Remember, you can repeat the process for a new ride immediately.

How do I become a member?
It’s easy: sign up online (membership page coming soon) with your credit card. Memberships will be offered in three tiers: 24-hour, 7-day, and annual memberships, and prices are anticipated to match rates at other bike share programs nationwide. After the system launches, bike share users will also be able to purchase 24-hour memberships from station kiosks.

Where will stations be located?
Phase 1 is anticipated to include 14 stations. These will be located downtown, on central campus, and on north campus. Stations are planned to serve high traffic areas with popular destinations nearby. Station locations will be finalized this fall and winter.

What are the bikes like?
Ann Arbor’s bike share infrastructure will be provided by B-cycle. Bike share bikes are built by Trek, and are durable, safe, and comfortable to ride, with an easily adjustable seat to fit all riders. The bikes have front baskets for cargo, and they feature front and rear lights that are automatically powered when you pedal. If you need to make a stop in between stations, the bikes have chain locks attached to the baskets for easy lock-up.

Bike share bikes are there when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t. Plus, bike share staff will ensure that bikes are regularly and properly maintained to prevent all hassles on your end.

Why is bike share a good idea?
Aside from the individual benefits, bike sharing systems are great for the communities that host them:

  • Reduce traffic and parking congestion
  • Improve access to downtown and campus destinations
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase transit use and multi-modal trips
  • Improve public health through activity
  • Foster downtown vibrancy and a sense of place
  • Increase visibility of nearby businesses
  • Provide engaging transportation for visitors

How is the program funded?
The total project budget for the three-year, pilot phase is $1.55 million, including $750,000 in capital funding and $800,000 in operational funding. Clean Energy Coalition, in partnership with AATA, secured $600,000 in federal CMAQ funds for capital expenditures in fall 2013, and Ann Arbor City Council authorized $150,000 for the required 20% local match. The University of Michigan has pledged to provide up to $200,000 per year for three years to support program operations, and the remaining $200,000 in operational funding will be collected from membership and usage fees.

How can I stay updated?
Email us at any time to join the mailing list and stay updated on station locations, membership opportunities, and other news as the program develops. You may also send questions or suggestions to bikeshare@cec-mi.org.

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