Solar manufacturing companies continue to produce advanced and unique solar panels to beat their competitors. With every brand bragging to be the best in the market, and informed brand comparison is the surest way of finding the best solar panels to buy.

Due to unique factors such as power needs and house specifications, the best solar panels for you might not be the same for another household. Despite the difference, solar panels are ranked based on customer satisfaction reviews and expert reviews. As a result, the article has compiled a list of the top 10 panel brands to guide your shopping decisions.

10 Best solar panels and brands for home installation

With technological advancement revolutionizing solar panel manufacturing, some brands have managed to maintain a high profile in the past and present the electronic market. These top-rated brands have maintained a reputation for manufacturing and selling high-quality solar panels both in the local and international markets. The top 10 list includes:

  1. LG
  2. SunPower
  3. Panasonic
  4. Canadian Solar
  5. Q CELLS
  6. REC Solar
  7. JinkoSolar
  8. Silfab
  9. CSUN
  10. Solaria

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these panels the best and how they differ from each other.

1. SunPower X series

SunPower panels top the global market as the most efficient brand for home installation.
•It possesses the highest efficiency score of 22.8%. This means that it converts most electricity in less panel space. As a result, owners get more electricity in a short time.
•High power output – The X series is capable of converting sunlight to power at 75% per panels square foot consistently for 25 years since installation.
•25 years warranty -They X series design is majorly based on pure copper that ensuring long-life power-output and product life
•Its aesthetic value is based on the all-black cells and the inclusion of anti-reflective glass. This prevents glare, making it blend well with different types of roofs.

2. Lg Neon LG 360Q1C-A5

•It records an outstanding maximum module efficiency score of 20.8%. This makes it the second-best after Sun power’s X-series brand.
•Enhanced Performance Warranty of 25 years.
•It has a total of 60 cells, with each panel producing a high-power wattage at 360 watts each. This makes it efficient for houses with limited roof space.
•Its lack of electrodes enhances the home’s aesthetics.
•Its best new frame design is capable of withstanding a load of 6000 Pa on its front and up to 5400 Pa on the rare. This makes it durable for years.

LG Neon 360QIC-A5

3. REC Group Twin peak-2 series

As the leading solar panel manufacturing firm in Europe, REC Twin Peak is unique in the following ways.

•High performance in the shade – Built with a ‘twin’ panel cell design, the solar panel is capable of producing adequate electricity compared to the rest.
•Color variations – The Twin Peak series is available in both silver and black panel frames. This enables one to select a color that best blends with their roofing system.
•A 20 years product warranty.
•21.7% efficiency.
•Twenty-five years linear power output warranty.

4. CSUN Mono CSUN410-72MH

CSUN, full name China Sunergy has an impressive 4.3-star rating review, making it one of the leading Chinese solar panel service providers. CSUN Mono CSUN410-72MH features include:
•Ten years of product warranty.
•25 years performance warranty.
•The panel is corrosion resistant making them suitable for urban areas that experience more acidic rain and pollution.
•It has a resiliency to snow, wind, and hail.
•Its power output is rated at 410W.
•Diverse colors -The solar panels are available in black, silver, and white.

5. Solaria Power XT series

The Solaria PowerXT AC series tops the list in the brand.
•It’s built on a microinverter technology that increases both module efficiency and power output.
•Its latest high-performance IQ Micros enhances the conversion rate of solar to electricity.
•Its high performance is based on the factory-installed Enphase IQ7+.
•It has a 20% efficiency.
•Twenty-five years warranty on equipment and power output.
•Easy and fast installation through its Unirac’s SOLARMOUNT mounting design.

6. Hyundai

As a leading South Korea solar panel firm, Hyundai top products include the MF-Series. Its other reliable series include MG-Series, MI-Series, RG-Series, RI-Series, and RW-Series. Below are MF-Series leading characteristics.

•Warranty specifications- The panel’s energy output warranty is 25 years with a product warranty of 5 years.
•Snow and fire resiliency.
•Panel efficiency at 15.2%.
•Rated power at 220W.
•Aesthetic features include black, silver, white, and bifacial transparent back sheets.

7. Panasonic N 330 series

Panasonic leads as one of the best companies in the production of high-quality panels. Panasonic N series qualities include:

•High efficiency of 19.7%
•The high-power output of 1000 watts.
•Best adapted for hot climates.
•The power output of 330 watts.
•Pocket friendly -Panasonic beats the top brands in the US through its low prices.
•Structure warranty lasts for 15 years and power production warranty of 90% in 10 years and 80% power output in 25 years.

7. Hanwha Q CELLS

The South Korean based solar firm panels have the following features
•Performance efficiency of 19.68%.
•10 to 25-year product warranty based on the panel.

8. Jinko solar

Jinko provides customers with four excellent product series, namely Eagle, Cheetah, Swan, and Tiger.
Jinko Tiger is the firm’s latest model in 2020 with a four-star rating. Its features include:

•20.69 efficiency
•370-390-watt power output
•Available in a white back sheet

9. Silfab SLA-Mseries

Silfab is a Canadian based solar firm. The SLA-M features include:
•20% efficiency
•Twenty-five years warranty on premium panel series.

How to choose the best solar panels for home

Before making a purchase, one should consider house factors, manufacturer options, among others. These include:

1. Efficiency

Solar efficiency refers to how best a panel is capable of converting the absorbed sunlight energy to either electricity or thermal energy. The higher the model’s efficiency, the lesser the number of panels you require. According to the list, SunPower holds the largest efficiency percentage at 22.8%. LG panels closely follow it at 21.7%.

2. Temperature coefficient

This refers to the highest and lowest productivity levels that your panel exhibits when exposed to hot temperatures. The lower the temperature coefficient, the better its productivity and energy output. Panasonic N 33O series takes the lead since it best performs in more desirable environs compared to other panels.

3. Product warranty period

Material warranty shields the buyer from undergoing losses whenever the solar panel does not meet the intended standards. The warranty protects you from both manufacturing errors and environment-induced failures. The longer the warrant, the more favorable it is to invest.

Most brands provide similar warrants with LG, Panasonic, Silfab, Solaria, SunPower, and Q CELLS, offering an excellent maximum warranty of 25 years.

4. The price factors

With good quality comes high value. The top panels are sure to cost you much money compared to the rest. However, most expensive panels do not guarantee you the best efficiency. For Example, homeowners with ample roof space can get excellent output by investing in cheaper boards that cover the large area.

On the other hand, individuals with minimal space can use high-efficiency panels to get more energy at a pocket-friendly price. You should also consider the installation prices and offers. Some firms provide free installation.

5. Power-output

The higher the power output, the more electricity you harvest. One should consider brands’ power-output based on their home energy consumption needs.

6. Credibility

This refers to the reputation that specific manufacturers and distributors have earned during their line of service. Go ahead and do a background check by looking for product reviews from customers and professionals to guide you in your decision.
Identifying the most appropriate solar panel is an involving task that leads to the purchasing of quality products. Some of the four crucial factors that you should consider include the brand’s efficiency, performance, product warranties, and product prices.

Our Pick for the Top Solar Panel

Based on the four factors, the brand SunPower X series takes the lead as the best panel to install in 2020. It possesses the impressive maximum module efficiency of 22.8%, -0.29 temperature coefficient, and a 25 years long product warranty, making it the best in 2020.

The second best brand panel is the Neon LG 360Q1C-A5. With a module efficiency of 21.7%, LG’s reputation is highly regarded in the global electronics industry. Closing the top 3 categories is the REC Group Twinpeak 2 series. As the largest solar panel producer in Europe, the firm offers high-quality products with 25 years of linear power warranty and 20 years product warranty.

Despite the close similarities’ inefficiency, warranty, and aesthetic values, each brand has a different price. However, one should consider the specific factors that make a particular product stand out when compared to the rest.
To sum it up, selecting the right solar panel is much dependent on both personal needs, manufacturing reputation, market value, and much more. As a result, potential buyers should consider looking into the above list for an in-depth and better understanding.

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